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Department Heads

Chitra Mohan

MrsChitra has been with IJCP since its inception and heads the Chennai market. She also frequents Ahmedabad and heads our KOL relations’ team. She also has a big say in editorial matters.

Ritu Saigal

Ritu heads the Kolkata market and the subscriptions department. She has also been with IJCP since inception and continues to have a big influence on our functioning.


Chandrashekhar H

An IJCP veteran, Chandru heads the Bengaluru market and is often seen in Mumbai and Ahmedabad pharmaceutical companies.

Venuogopal P

IJCP old warhorse, Venu heads the Hyderabad market and frequents Mumbai often.


Dr Sanchita Sharma

Dr Sanchita is the head of IJCP’s medical team and is an integral part of all our publications.


Dr Rajiv Dhir

Dr Dhir is an integral part of our medical team and also runs a successful practice to go along with that.

Tanuja Bisht

Tanuja is the jack of all trades in IJCP and she heads editorial co-ordination and handles admin and HR work, emedinews, blogs, marketing, business development, social media etc to name a few.

Pranay Kumar

Pranay has been heading the accounts and finance department of IJCP since its inception. He also handles the accounts for all our other companies.


Dinesh Singh

Dinesh heads Dispatch and looks after subscriptions and production matters. He also handles social media activities.


Naresh Kumar

Naresh heads our audio and video team and is capable of creating multimedia flash presentations, live surgery videos, animations, voiceover powerpoints, webcasting etc.


Strategic Consultant

Saurabh Aggarwal