Online Services/ Digital Marketing

We believe that Indian doctors have become Internet savvy and we see digital marketing as the next big marketing strategy for brand promotion. We have entered into this market in a big way and provide various solutions for online promotion.

Online Doctors Community

Creation of an online doctors community for a specific pharmaceutical company for the doctors they reach. The community has the following features

  • have basic social media functions such as uploading videos and photos, creating and inviting people for events, sending each other private messages, making status updates.
  • The portal will recognize the specialty of the doctor who logs in and provide relevant news, articles, literature etc related to his specialty on the home or landing page. The doctor can still go and read about other specialties also by going to a different
  • Discussion Boards will be made on all different specialties. The discussions will be started IJCP on molecules, diseases, guidelines, and other innovative ways to make them actively participate in the discussion. (Lectures on powerpoints along with a voiceover and video will be incorporated
  • The doctors will have access to IJCP journals– e.g., The Indian Journal of Clinical Practice, Asian Journal of Clinical Cardiology, Asian Journal of Ear Nose Throat, Asian Journal of Diabetology, , Asian Journal of Obs and Gynae, Journal of Applied Medicine and Surgery, Medinews tabloid, and Asian Journal of Critical Care
  • Updation of latest news on different specialties, medico legal implications, medical – finance knowledge, few rare and interesting cases, common FAQ’s and question answers
  • Patient Education Page on specific diseases with Faq’s and treatment charts.
  • Query response/Feedback


Online Patients Community

Patient communities can be created on different specialties. These communities will contain the following features

  • Patients will have basic social media functions such as uploading videos and photos, creating and inviting people for events, sending each other private messages, making status updates
  • There will be discussion boards, groups, forums etc on various diseases under the specialties where patients can discuss symptoms, side effects, treatment, recovery etc
  • There will be simplified articles describing all the diseases along with their causes, symptoms, medicines, how to avoid the diseases, how to be healthy, wellness etc
  • There will be a FAQ section which the patients can look up instead of asking those questions to the doctors
  • We can incorporate video chats with doctors for the patients a few times a week
  • We can facilitate online consultation
  • We can share success stories of patients as a motivational tool for other patients


Online CME/Courses

We can create courses for doctors in the form of voice-over powerpoints. These can range between 5 – 8 different lectures on a particular specialty given by a single or multiple KOL’s. Once the doctor has watched he lectures, he will be given a question paper upon solving which he will get certified. Our certifying bodies are the following

  • IJCP Group of Medical Communications
  • IJCP Academy of CME
  • Heart Care Foundation of India
  • IMA New Delhi Branch
  • Emedinews
  • International medical sciences academy, Delhi chapter

This course can be done the following ways

  • Distributed to doctors on a CD along with the presentations and the question paper. They will answer the question paper and mail it to us.
  • Uploaded on an online portal and the doctors are given a user name and password. They can then submit their question paper online for evaluation.


Online Newspapers

We currently have the following daily medical newspapers. Companies can participate by sponsoring columns and through advertisements and doctors can subscribe for these free.

  • Emedinews – This is a daily medical enewspaper that is email to 70,000 doctors daily. It has had a tremendous response in the past 3 years since its inception and is a favourite amongst doctors as a morning read to update their knowledge
  • Cardiology Emedinews – This was launched during the CSI 2011 in December as a daily cardiology update which is emailed to all the cardiologists (approx 5000) in the country
  • Pediatric Emedinews – This was launched during PEDICON 2012 and is a daily pediatric update email to all the pediatricians (approx 10,000) across the country.



All of IJCP’s journals are available online free of cost. The following are the links.

eJournals 2017