2016 – 2017 Conferences



68th Annual Conference of Annual Conference of Cardiological Society of India (CSI)

Date: 8th -11th December, 2016

Venue: Kochi, India

Day-1 : http://ijcpgroup.com/CONFERENCE/2016/CSI-2016/Day1/

Day-2: http://ijcpgroup.com/CONFERENCE/2016/CSI-2016/day2/

Day-3 : http://ijcpgroup.com/CONFERENCE/2016/CSI-2016/day3/

57th annual conference of the Indian Society of Gastroenterology (ISGON)

Venue: Hotel Pullman Aerocity, New Delhi

Date: 15th to 18th December, 2016

Day-1 : http://ijcpgroup.com/CONFERENCE/2016/ISGCON/Day1/

Day-2: http://ijcpgroup.com/CONFERENCE/2016/ISGCON/day2/

Day-3 : http://ijcpgroup.com/CONFERENCE/2016/ISGCON/day3/

44th Annual Scientific meeting of the Research Society of Study of Diabetes (RSSDI)
Venue: Hyderabad
Date: 18 -20 November 2016

Day-1 : http://ijcpgroup.com/CONFERENCE/RSSDI/Day1/

Day-2: http://ijcpgroup.com/CONFERENCE/RSSDI/day2/

Day-3 : http://ijcpgroup.com/CONFERENCE/RSSDI/day3/

46th Annual Conference of Endocrine Society of India (ESICON 2016)
Date: 21st -23rd October, 2016
Venue: New Delhi, India.

Day-1 : http://ijcpgroup.com/CONFERENCE/ESICON/Day1/

Day-2: http://ijcpgroup.com/CONFERENCE/ESICON/day2/