About IJCP Group


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IJCP Group, a pioneer of medical journalism in India, was founded in 1990 with the primary objective to facilitate medical professionals and healthcare providers with the current advancements and keep them abreast with the recent and upcoming trends in the medical field. Kicking off from the medical journal “The Indian Journal of Clinical Practices,” the company has embarked itself as a multi-faceted healthcare communications provider and now has successfully established its supremacy in the medical arena through multi-specialty journals, customized books and publications, public communication platforms, branding, CMEs, doctor meetings, KOL interactions and many more.

IJCP Group has diversified its expanse in multiple directions by instituting several segments:

IJCP Publications facilitates plenteous medical literature in the form of journals, books, health information products, newsletters, and patient education booklets, providing insight into the various clinical aspects and recent advancements.

MedTalks is a free medical portal offering a common platform for constant medical education to all doctors and paramedical staff through several live sessions and CMEs from well-renowned doctors across the nation and assists in getting certification and accreditation from the Indian Medical Association.

eMediNexus is a unique professional networking platform providing the latest updates on medicines and apprises doctors with medical news, recent research, and novel medical case studies across India.

Talking Point Communications is a consumer-oriented section of IJCP Group that establishes a link between the brand and target audience and assist in brand building. 

Red Comet Films aims to create eccentric, exciting, and thought-provoking short videos for the general public.