KOL Outreach

What are KOL’s ?
Key Opinion Leaders are a crucial marketing and strategic advantage for pharmaceutical companies. Physicians who are widely acclaimed, highly respected, and possess immense knowledge about a particular segment of the pharmaceutical industry are known as Key Opinion Leaders in pharma. They often specialize in a specific field, such as oncology or epidemiology. Key Opinion Leaders in pharma provide pharmaceutical companies with unparalleled insights, advice, and guidance regarding the drug development process, regulatory requirements, efficient marketing, and patients’ needs. Additionally, they influence the opinions and preferences of other healthcare practitioners, health authority representatives, and patient advocacy groups toward their trusted and preferred brand. Most importantly, they provide credibility and advocacy for companies and their products.

How does the IJCP Group help?
In order to deal with the changing dynamics of KOLs in medicine, companies need a robust KOL management plan that can accommodate the complexity of medicines and digital disruption. This will allow firms to identify KOLs with broad experience and competence in their assigned topic, as well as those with excellent networking connections, all at the same time. A KOL’s involvement during the early stages of a breakthrough treatment can produce a lot of buzz in the market and boost the treatment’s effectiveness.

IJCP Group has 30 years of experience in working with over 10,000 KOL’s across all major & minor specialties and also has over 100 of the leading national and international KOL’s on its board.

We provide the following services
1. Goal-setting, KOL identification, contracting, and KOL segmentation
2. Insights gathering
3. Insights analysis
4. Post-engagement assessment and follow-up