Digital Marketing

Your Powerhouse for Digital Marketing Solutions
Digital marketing facilitates professionals to reach out to potential customers, and IJCP digital solutions provide a unique platform to connect your businesses with ideal clientele through SEO, web development, social media networking, brand advertising, and many more. Branding IJCP as a universal solution for digital marketing, our team of experts, Social Media wizards, and creative web designers work proficiently to assist our clients with custom-built digital services and satisfy their marketing goals. Our task force is well-acquainted with technological shifts, current market upgrades, and trending digital strategies, making them adept at creating practical solutions, formulating successful marketing stratagems, and implementing them with expertise.

What makes us different
We display scaled digital marketing capabilities offering end-to-end solutions nationwide and take pride in our ongoing legacy of commitment to constant evolution. Our expertise, vital strategic insights, and thorough understanding of trending technologies outstand us from other entrants, making us one of the leading digital marketing agencies in India.

Holistic Approach – We intend to strive hard to profligate your business and exert multi-dimensional efforts, as our success lies in your satisfaction.
Scrutinized Strategies – Our strategies are based on in-depth research and meticulous analysis to facilitate our clients with customized premeditated plans for optimal business development.
Ground-breaking Technology – We are well aware of recent technological drifts and developments and keep our clients ahead of future tendencies.
Transparency – IJCP believes that the key to long-term relationships in business is trust, so our foundation and core values lie in openness and complete transparency with our clients.
Work Excellence – Our team works tenaciously to deliver the best to our clients.
Customer-oriented perspective – Our client servicing team embodies a customer-first approach and serves to fulfill customized needs and achieve customer contentment.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization serves as a unique high-performing marketing tool to improve brand awareness that contributes to the authoritative voice of your brand in the market. We at IJCP exploit cutting-edge digital technology resources strategically to create potential content and deliver tangible business benefits. Our organic, digital PR, and web services provide you a platform to stretch to your target audiences and maximize your online potential. The proficiency, competence, and expertise of our team and approachability, accessibility, and a general understanding of your needs mark our exclusivity and omnipotence in the arena.

Website Design & Development
Web design is a significant business influential factor as it impacts the perseverance of the target audience. A well-designed website creates a virtuous impression on your prospective customers, nurtures your leads, and gets more conversions. IJCP owes to making a user-friendly, accessible, and universally compatible digital grandstand for your brand that boots your digital visibility and propels it to nonpareil success. Our avant-garde designers and developers work twitchily to create your brand prominence by creating static and dynamic webpages and crafting relevant social media websites, blogs, business forums, and e-commerce portfolios.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)
ORM conglomerates traditional marketing, search engine marketing, and public relations under one umbrella. With an incredible increase in digitalization, ORM stands as a powerful marketing strategy to spread positive feedback and remove hostile threats for building faith among the clientele. It is an arduous task to manage an excellent reputation online, and we are indulged in this practice of crafting apt strategies that shape and influence the public perception of your brand and uphold your market reputation. We are well acquainted with SERP monitoring and mitigating strategies, competition benchmarking abilities, and crisis management providing an overall solution for brand building and market sustenance.

Social Media Management
Social media marketing is a “pay-to-play” environment that entails structured and integrated processes to ensure an interconnectedness between the customer, content, and company. To obtain organic visibility, increase brand recognition and improve brand loyalty, it is imperative to create an overarching strategy, post and schedule high-quality content, respond to customer comments, engage with users and set up advertising campaigns. On top of organic outreach, getting content in front of your target audience can be challenging without shelling out advertising money, whether for an ongoing campaign or a once-off sponsored post. IJCP weaves social media management services for your overall marketing strategy by providing an experienced social media and content marketing team who can align their efforts with your holistic marketing strategy and deliver content that speaks directly to your target audience. As a leader among social media management companies, we exist to deliver an all-encompassing social marketing service to all types of businesses.

Content Writing
Content is a versatile marketing medium that can help businesses proliferate multifold and establish market dominance. The current marketing scenario is continually witnessing a notable shift of customer preference from conventional advertising to the digital sphere and upsurging the digital dependency of the market players for effective brand building. Marketing is an essential aspect of a successful business strategy; we at IJCP hold expertise in digital approaches for content marketing services for editorials, videos, websites, articles, blogs, press releases, advertising, etc. Our well-structured and thoroughly-researched modus operandi has provided us with the bedrock to create a niche in the digital marketing field. Our creation stances a cohesive piece of information that bestows a unique, identifiable voice, tone, and style for your brand across all potential digital platforms.

IJCP digital advertising targets a data-driven advertising strategy for reaching consumers at all stages of the buying funnel to create brand awareness and drive revenue. Disrupting the traditional process of executing ad campaigns through physical media, we have successfully supplanted a self-serve advertising platform that empowers the advertiser, irrespective of their budget and level of marketing understanding, to march ahead and launch a campaign. Our primary focus is to provide goal-oriented advertising solutions that help businesses increase their client retention rate and maximize conversion opportunities. Our team crafts customized digital advertising strategy that aligns with your unique business needs and branding requirements. Our professionals map out your company’s goals, perform competitor benchmarking, evaluate your customers’ online behavior, and orchestrate realistic timelines to accomplish set goals.

Creative Communications
Getting the Right Message across to the Right Audience at the Right Time and at the Right Cost is the key to the success of any brand communication. Creative marketing is the generation and execution of communicating unique messages inventively, marking your space presence and leading to higher brand recognition. At IJCP, we partner with brands to help them create an indelible footprint in the digital space that inspires and connects with the target audience and strives hard to accomplish the brand’s goals. We place a premium on outstanding aesthetics and leading-edge technology to create a powerful global web presence for our clients with the sole aim of helping your brand voice reach your customers and prospects.

Graphic Designing and Logo Design
Content conceptions with creative instinct, graphic design capabilities, and creative writing skills help achieve exceptional outcomes in the digital marketing arena. The Graphic Design Services offered by IJCP optimize the combined skill sets and focus on visual communication and presentation quality to deliver inspiring assets. Our team has the uncanny ability to strike the right equilibrium leaving no stone unturned to maximize the aesthetic appeal and business relevance of the logo explicitly designed for you. Team IJCP works collaboratively to create creative content and establish inventive communication that engages the target audience on a sustainable basis and provides a one-stop solution to all your graphic design needs.

Photography and Video
With the rise of the visual culture and up surging digital era, it is increasingly important to use image-based marketing strategies for your website and online content. Visual communication that engages and intuitively drives the user journey and actions is a fine balance of art and business goals. We at IJCP have the creative talent and in-house production resources to accomplish your goals and make a lasting impact on your customers by delivering the right message at the right time to the right audiences in the right way.